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Pregnancy Stretch Marks

This has been a subject that has been on my mind for awhile. Stretch marks are a big issue for pregnant ladies, actually ladies in general. There has been so much research on it, and I’m not here with any break through, unfortunately, but just my take on stretch marks.

I’d say that if genetically you are prone to stretch marks then there is nothing you can do about. Meaning no wonder cream is going to make them go away completely. However, I do believe that some products can help in reducing the severity of the stretch marks.

Somewhere along my teen years, when I went from prepubescent butt to a what I would consider a decent butt, it came at a price and that was a few stretch marks. On and off I used different creams, oils and exercised that butt. Would I have worse stretch marks if I didn’t do all this? I can’t say can I, unless I go back in time and don’t do all this stuff and make a comparison. And really this is why there is no solid proof whether all these products work or not, because people can use a product and not get marks and vouch that it’s a miracle product - but in the first place, they may have not gotten any marks regardless whether they used a product or not.

So I go back to my belief that some products, not all, can certainly help in reducing the severity. I would definitely recommend rubbing that tummy as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, don’t wait until you can see a bump. Keeping the belly moist will keep it supple and increase the skin’s elasticity. If your belly itches, this is an indication that your skin is stretching and not getting the moisture it needs. At 31 weeks, I haven’t experienced an itchy belly. When I do, it’s due to contact with fabric that the belly doesn’t like.

Two products that I would like to recommend:

Mama Mio - Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter

A friend recommended this and she didn’t get a single stretch mark (lucky girl!).


A few friends have used this, and the reviews vary, some no stretch marks, some minimal, and some who have used it after and said their marks improved. I recommended this to a friend who was 33 weeks, and it gave her instant itch relief.

Bio-Oil is available in most markets, certainly here and Australia. Mama-mio is available in the UK, and I’m not sure where else.

I’m using both, alternating between the two. Mainly because Mama Mio is from the UK so not readily available in KL. I also think it is good to have a bit of variety, so that the skin doesn’t get use to one product. I must also add that on top of applying a cream or oil, that diet and exercise will also play a part in stretch marks. If you nourish yourself correctly from the inside and exercise which helps with good circulation, I’m sure these will contribute positively.

So what will my result be? I’ll be sure to update you.

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